Hoofcake shop!

Here’s a video I made of the Hoofcake shop in Brunswick, Melbourne. Proprietress Kate Geck is part of the team behind the band Toxic Lipstick and the film script Tracey’s Slumba Party. Proprietress Emily Hassel is a long time Toxic Lipstick fan and sometime co-star. I love the playfull punky Hoofcake style! It’s very inspiring … Continue reading Hoofcake shop!

Kate thinks the script needs more pussy

Another intensive Tracey’s Slumba Party script weekend in Melbourne has us all purring. This time Kate was on Skype from Brisbane. A couple of weeks ago I went for a drive around Adelaide with producer, Kent Smith, scoping out some perfect Tracey’s Slumba Party locations… stay tuned for more development developments… UPDATE 04.04.14 Since this post, … Continue reading Kate thinks the script needs more pussy

Toxic Lipstick

Toxic Lipstick are a Brisbane punk duo who I’m working with to turn their song “Tracey’s Slumba Party” into a teen punk comedy horror. Here’s their official bio: Toxic Lipstick are by far the hottest sluts in grade 9. Just two fly bitches from the right side of the tracks throwin lips to the shit … Continue reading Toxic Lipstick