Mychonny casting adventures

Mychonny Moves In (6x8min webseries) is a contender to take out Melbourne Webfest this weekend. Staring and written by You Tube star John Luc, Mychonny Moves In is about what happens when Mychonny (and his crazy family) moves in with  Australia’s first Asian Prime Minister (Mychonny’s cousin).

The webseries accompanies feature film Sucker, also staring John Luc (with Timothy Spall and Lily Sullivan). The series is directed by Kate Woods (who squeezed in the job between directing US shows like Bones, Castle and Person of Interest) and produced by  Robyn Kerthumb-ep1-liveshaw (who squeezed it in before Sucker pre production).

Co-producer, Eva Di Blasio (Photocopier) got me on board to help with casting in return for the chance to watch and learn from Kate Woods. With a low budget, a constantly evolving schedule and several big extras days, I had to use all my charm and creative thinking to connect with an army of fantastic talented people and hold up my end of the bargain. Hopefully I’ve got some nice credit in the filmmaking karma bank now!

PS a big shout out to Daniel Scharf at Profile Creative who made things happen more than once!!!

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