Sidekicks rocks the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

After a successful, critically acclaimed season of Sidekicks at Trades Hall in Melbourne, the Sidekicks tour comes to an end.

Emily Rose Brennan at Trades Hall

Thanks to the audiences, the staff, organisers and crew members of Adelaide and Melbourne festivals, the volunteers, the VIP guests, the fellow participants, and the Sidekicks team!!!!

Here’s what they said:

In Melbourne…

“The talent behind this edgy romantic dramedy have nailed it by embracing and conquering the low-fi properties…Terrifically flustered hot-blooded performances from Ilic and Brennan gobble up a heavy downpour of dialogue like high-powered beasts from a Woody Allen joint, providing Sidekicks a big heart and a smouldering sense of first world righteousness, somewhere between the pedantic minutia of Seinfeld and something more bittersweet – like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Blue Valentine.”
Luke Buckmaster – Crikey

“Crackling-with-energy two-hander…extremely clever rapid-fire dialogue, in the screwball romantic comedy tradition… The outstanding set piece in terms of performance and staging is the confused hook-up of CB and Mac leading to an artfully staged sex scene and disastrously awkward morning after.”
David Southwell – Herald Sun

It’s beautifully directed by Louise Alston, who gently leads her actors through their journey on a tiny postage stamp stage , and excels with every laugh, nuance and emotional curved ball.
Coral Drouyn – Stage Whispers

In Adelaide…

“Put the polished “Sidekicks” on your must-see list before it migrates to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival because Ilic and Brennan are likeable, hilarious, talented and just so darn watchable.”
Kelly Mildenhall – Adelaide Theatre Guide

“This is what the Fringe is really about. Two talented performers slug it out for just over an hour with a great script and minimal everything else. A great show that reminds us of the avant-guard style of theatre that thus festival was built upon. Definitely see this show.”
Matt Byrnes – Talk Fringe

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