Sidekicks is a hit!

Audiences and critics are loving Sidekicks at the Old 505 Theatre!

“Vagg’s play is a clever, witty vehicle for its confident cast…you won’t be disappointed. Check it out.”

Jane Simmons – Shit on your play blog: Click for more

“Brilliantly cast… well written”

Philippa Bird – Whats on Click for more

“a fantastic performance by two extremely talented people with plenty of laughs….one of the funniest plays I have ever seen”

Saloni Kober – Weekend Notes: Click for more

“Brennan and Ilic shine”

Tony Laumberg – Sydney Arts Guide: Click for more

“If you are a fan of romcoms, sitcoms or just coms in general go see this play!”

Erica Brennan – Theatre Junkies: Click for more

“very funny, very engaging piece of theatre… actors Emily Rose Brennan and Dan Ilic are superb”

Veronica Kaye – Theatre Red: Click for more

A few online bookings plus walk-up tix still available.

See more production stills HERE

Also, I was recently interviewed in the SMH about sidekicks in rom coms

..and asked to list my faves..


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