Voices: Jucy in Denver

Jucy is screening at Denver Film Society’s women’s film festival, “Voices” on the 11th of March at the fancy time of 9.15pm Sponsored by SOL Lingere and Lynette Elliot, the film is being presented by Elaine Mariner, Executive Director of Colorado Council on the Arts with a cocktail hour before the film…. to make it extra funny!


The program says:

“Confident and unconventional in its depiction of female relationships, Jucy is expansive in tone, moving from the zany details of the everyday into a nuanced and dramatic portrayal of a friendship at a crossroads. Buoyed by the impressive comedic skills of Gasteen and Nelson, Jucy navigates the field between laughter and tears with energy and grace. One of the film’s many fine features is its deft observance of the undertones and intricacies of female communication, so rarely depicted in mainstream cinema. Jucydelivers one of its characters’ favourite things – a perfect “womantic” night out.”

Sounds like a perfect night, wish I could have made it!!

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