Odin’s Eye picks up “Womantic Comedy”

March 9th 2010

encore magazine

Odin’s Eye Entertainment has picked up Louise Alston’s “Womantic” comedy Jucy

Jucy was produced by Kelly Chapman through her company KCDC. It was shot in Brisbane early last year, with private financing and support from Screen Queensland.

Jucy is the second instalment in Alston’s trilogy of ‘quarter-life crisis’ films, and tells the story of Jackie and Lucy, close friends…  some say too close. Although their high school days are long behind them, nothing much has changed for them, but when their friendship is attacked, the girls set out to prove themselves… but will their newly found maturity drive them apart?

In a statement to the press, Chapman said Odin’s Eye had “a knack for innovative marketing and distribution” and they “really got” their movie.

The film will be released later in the year.

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