Toxic Lipstick

Toxic Lipstick are a Brisbane punk duo who I’m working with to turn their song “Tracey’s Slumba Party” into a teen punk comedy horror.

Toxic Lipstick

Here’s their official bio:

Toxic Lipstick are by far the hottest sluts in grade 9. Just two fly bitches from the right side of the tracks throwin lips to the shit that goes down when yr body starts a changin. That’s right, puberty. At least one half of Toxic Lipstick has experienced this phenomenon and they wont stop pumpin out the hits til the other half catches up. .. Toxic Lipstick love ponies and busting bitchen dance moves. These two facts alone have seen them capture the hearts of their countless fans, with no intention of givin’ em back before they drop le bass. They also show promise both on and off the netball court. .. Toxic Lipstick enjoy smoking batteries behind the bikerax and stealing mums ribbed frangers when she’s down the shops buyin’ more winnie blues. And just a heads up to all u hotties and notties out there that Tocky Lippy fucken hate winnie blues and are definitely more heavily into winnie reds. .. Voted “Most Tribal Act ’93” by ravers on the party island Ibiza, Toxic Lipstick are definitely hotter than Drazic. So if u see em, buy them a drink. They wont regret it. .. p.s Toxic Lipstick have phfat racks and aren’t afraid to use em. whateva. .. BREAKING NEWS! .. Hey wankers!! F.Y.I we were accelerated thru grades 9-12 cos we were so well developed that we looked outta place. But unfortunately our Queensland OP scores were pretty bad, and we could only get into clown college. So we have decided to dedicate the next few years of our higher education to this esteemed art form. U can now expect bitchen clown costumes, bitchen clownin’ dance moves, shit made out of balloons and heaps of sweet magic and novelty items at our shows to further mask the poor music production. SPIRITUAL!!!

Listen to their hot traxx here for free

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