Triple J Rave Review of All My Friends are Leaving Brisbane

It was very nice to hear this on the radio this week!

Posted by Marc the Movie Guy, December 18, 2007–.html

Are all your friends buggering off overseas leaving you with a substandard job and no-one to twixt your nethers. Fear not, you arent alone. Have a taste of ALL MY FRIENDS ARE LEAVING BRISBANE

“Infectiously sweet and charming movie… armed with this incredibly razor sharp social commentary and it taps right into those painful messy relationships that people get into when they don’t really know what they want in life. Whether you live in Brisbane or Melbourne or Warrnambool or Bunbury or Sydney, sooner or later everyone loses a friend. Seriously, if ALL MY FRIENDS ARE LEAVING BRISBANE isn’t showing at your local cinema, get on their case.” –  (listen to review on the link above)


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